Our Process


Our Process

Point #1: Invest

Every business starts out with a “designated” computer expert, either inside or outside the organization. But guess what? One person can’t possibly know it all. And businesses need technology to grow.

We first invest in you in order to understand your technology needs through the 3Points Audit. This audit includes a detailed inventory of your equipment and software as well as a recommendations report that includes potential security risks, recommended upgrades, and much, much more. Maintenance contracts begin with high priority start-up services (think leaky kitchen faucet!). Plus, as part of the 3Points community, you are now plugged into knowledge sharing resources like special client roundtable luncheons and newsletter updates on small business tech trends.

Point #2: Onboard

Coming on board to 3Points is actually fun! You meet the people and learn about the services set to move your business forward. By now, you’ve already experienced the onboarding meeting welcoming you as part of the 3Points community. This reference guide offers even more in-depth information. Feel free to pass it along to others in your organization too!

Point #3: Lifecycle


Maintenance keeps your system running at peak performance. We take care of your most basic, everyday technology tasks (think clean dishes!). These include Windows updates, SPAM filters, data backup systems, firewall configurations, inbox issues, network utilization, server performance, software licensing renewals, and more.

Plus, we’re always watching out for you. We offer onsite support services and remote support via the 3Points Network Operations Center (NOC). When you have a question or problem, you want it solved quickly; and so do we. The 3Points NOC is staffed by trained network technicians with immediate access to your technology systems through our 24/7/365 alert monitoring technology.


Enhancements are system upgrades over time (think dream kitchen!). These technology enhancements make your company stronger and better. Our 3Points sales engineers look at technology’s vital role in your business each time we recommend an upgrade or a replacement.

Are you relocating? Is your business adding remote offices? Is mobility changing how you do business? Have you outgrown your accounting or project management software? We consider the big transitions you are making with your business, and how technology can make these easier and more efficient.

Through standardization and system upgrades, we help your various technology platforms work together so your organization is poised to reach its greatest potential.


The Yearly Audit is a mirror we hold up to your systems and our work. How has 3Points made a difference? Are the people in your organization using technology to its fullest capacity? What might be improved? What new ideas should we consider?
After we conduct a self-assessment (think renovation planning!), we follow-up with recommendations and budgeting for the following year.


Cloud-based services empower small businesses. We simplify the complicated by taking technology out of your office and putting it into the cloud. What are the benefits? You only pay for what you need. You can expand capacity on demand. You can keep less equipment in your office. Cloud-based technologies allow you to streamline your operations and make life simpler.


To learn more about 3Points’ offerings, please contact the 3Points sales department today at 708-546-4950.

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