IT Maintentance Services


IT Maintenance Services

One of the main components to business continuity is the proper maintenance of computer hardware and software. 3Points, LLC is the leader in delivering high-performance / cost-effective maintenance services to small business.

In today’s world, servers, PCs and business software dynamically change over time as technology manufacturers automatically push software updates to these devices. Internet connections, firewalls, and data switches get heavily utilized every day, and from time-to-time they suffer from unwanted outside influences like viruses, SPAM and hackers; which dramatically decrease the speed at which they operate. These forces and others are constantly at work, and without regular monitoring and maintenance, they can rapidly destabilize any business system.

The proper monitoring and maintenance of business systems ensures that your business technology will be ready to work for you when you need it most. 3Points, LLC provides our clients with comprehensive monitoring services, and follow-up maintenance services that virtually eliminate system downtime. The services include the monitoring and maintenance of:

  • Windows Updates
  • Virus Signatures
  • SPAM Filters
  • Data Backup Systems
  • Firewall Configurations
  • Internet Connections
  • Administrator Mailboxes
  • Network Utilization
  • Server Performance
  • Software Licensing Renewals and Upgrades
  • Dedicated Account Team
  • And Much More…

Our experience has shown us that the proper maintenance of your systems is the most cost-effective way to guarantee system uptime. Our comprehensive monitoring and maintenance solutions deliver these results.

To learn more about maintaining your technology, please contact the 3Points sales department today at 708-546-4950.

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