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“I have all the same information on desktop, iPhone, my Surface, my laptop. It wasn’t like that before. I could keep everything in Dropbox, but 365 is our email, our software; it’s bigger than Dropbox. It’s one big package of the most popular productivity suite in the world. We haven’t even tapped into 10 percent of the ability of this and that’s where 3Points is helping us use the capabilities of the software.”

- President @ Chicago Plumbing Contractor Company

Best of All Worlds

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work for growth-inspired organizations. With Pure Hosted Servers from 3Points, we tailor cloud technology like a couture suit made to fit every curve. For a monthly subscription, you get peak performance with enterprise-class technologies available on-demand. Plus, you’re supported by 3Points’ rigorous platform standards and managed cloud experts … so you can focus on your most important priority: your business. Finally, the best of all worlds is right here.

Pure Hosted Servers offers:

One platform. All your technology components customized to your business in a full-cloud or hybrid canopy for streamlined efficiency and productivity.

Boundless choice.
Add emails quickly and enjoy unlimited storage. 3Points can even expand your servers when you need it and add applications without a lot of fuss.

Adapt technology to your business’ changing requirements.

Awesome Communications and Collaboration.
With hosted email, mobile email and document sync, people inside and outside your company will work together more easily (and even more enjoyably!).

Less hardware.
Cloud means less equipment in the office, reducing capital expenditures on big network projects as well as costly installations and maintenance fees.

Up-to-the-minute software updates.
No more pricey licensing renewals.

Greater value.
With pay-for-what-you-use subscription pricing models, your capital expenditures decrease (the CFO will love this one!).

Enterprise-Level Choice: Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers

Pure Hosted Servers puts you in the driver’s seat by equipping you with only the services you need with large enterprise advantages.

With the economical virtual server option, you work from a shared server in a public cloud. Our dedicated server option literally “rents” an entire server, which is not shared. While 3Points helps you make the best choice based on your business, a good rule of thumb is: a business using a single server typically benefits from the public cloud. Those using more than one server find a dedicated option offers up major advantages. 


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