Pure Hosted IP Phone System


- The benefits from ShoreTel Sky’s VoIP/CRM integration include improvements to sales productivity, coaching and skill development, and lead disposition. 1

- VoIP will account for nearly 100% of voice communication by 2015. 2

Get Your Phone System Out of the Closet and Into the Cloud

Phone systems are the protein that energizes mission critical applications driving revenues and growth.  Imagine a more customer-focused call experience, detailed reports on outbound calls, service analysis, efficiency, and sales data. After all, you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Enjoy unprecedented business intelligence as 3Points’ Pure Hosted IP Phone System links your phone system with your Customer Relationship Management application, Enterprise Risk Management process and other productivity tools. Isn’t it time to get your phone system out of the closet and into the cloud?

Never Miss an Important Call

Or read your voicemails in your inbox. Or just point, click and talk. Sound cool?

ShoreTel Sky, an intelligent, cloud-based managed phone solution, is the heart of 3Points’ Pure Hosted IP Phone System. And, yeah, it is cool because small businesses now can do things historically reserved for the big boys.

The technology uses VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol) so calls are made through the cloud as a service. Let the greatest storm rage on -- your phone system will be up and running. It’s smart, too. ShoreTel Sky offers more than 90 enterprise-level features. You can even read your voicemails from your inbox. Or use Microsoft Outlook or your browser to point, click and talk. The choice for business phone systems has never been clearer.

ShoreTel Sky has prepackaged offerings for many popular applications, including:

CRM / ERP: Applicant Tracking: Browsers / Productivity:
Salesforce.com Bullhorn Internet Explorer
Netsuite Cluen Firefox
SageCRM JobDiva Google Chrome
  JobScience Microsoft Outlook
  MaxHire EVO-Contact



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1  Source: SiriusDecisions Vendor Profile
2  Source: Ovum

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