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- Half of those surveyed said IT outages damage their reputation and 18% described the impact on their reputation as "very damaging". 1

- The average small business loses $55,000 or more in revenues per year from system downtime. 2

Plan for Business Victory

System downtime brings business to a grinding halt. The obvious fallout is lost productivity and revenues. Important intangibles like brand and customer trust may also be compromised. Forego defeat. Pure Monitoring protects small businesses 24/7/365 through monitoring of more than 20 system components, putting business victory directly in your line of sight.

Protect Mission Critical Applications With a Vengeance

Imagine enterprise-level protection of mission critical applications that drive revenue like sales, order processing, accounting and customer data. With built-in trend analysis, Pure Monitoring guards your network with a vengeance from inefficient hardware, underperforming applications and wasteful server space.

It’s true: what you don’t know can hurt you. In fact, Pure Monitoring paints a brilliant picture of your technology landscape with detailed, semi-monthly reports that track all your business assets like hard drive space, warranty parameters, office applications and server capacity. Now, you can plan for system upgrades that make sense for your business and your budget. That’s deep.

Monitor, Respond, Resolve, Repeat

You are never alone. Pure Monitoring delivers big wins: greater system uptime and a team of experts ready to help when something doesn’t look or sound right. The 3Points Network Operation Center ensures that every technology asset and network infrastructure device is watched, measured and accounted for, including:

- Windows servers - Data circuits - Backup systems
- Windows workstations - Bandwidth utilization - Anti-virus
- Firewalls - Routers and switches - Memory
- Hard drive space - Security devices / connections  

... plus, hosted cloud services for email, online backup and phone.


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1  Source: Gartner
2  Source: Coleman Parkes Research

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