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- It costs $0.04 in employee time to delete a spam email.  That means for 20 employees receiving 50 
  spams a day, the cost is $14,000 per year. 1

- There are 75 billion junk mails sent each day. 2

Eliminate Unwanted Email and Viruses Forever

Immediately, you’ll notice the onslaught of unreliable, unwanted, unmanageable email disappears upon deploying Pure Anti-Spam.  All you see is the good stuff.  In fact, junk mail that used to consume valuable real estate on your drive system is history -- everything runs faster and cleaner.

Realize Greater Power at the Portal

Combined with the power of cloud computing, Pure Anti-Spam turns small businesses into champions.  Now you can turn customer email requests around faster, make e-discovery completely transparent, safeguard against invasive viruses and phishing before they reach the network, and reduce the costs of message storage and retrieval.  Just to name a few advantages.  And you’ll never lose an email.  Even if your email server goes down or you’re moving physical locations, Pure Anti-Spam queues your email until you are back online.

Be the Boss of Your Inbox

Pure Anti-Spam provides protection without unnecessary interruption in a vivid, highly secure email environment.   And it’s easy to manage.  You’ll receive an email reporting all quarantined emails each day at precisely the same time (side benefit: you could set your watch to this!).  At this point, you have options to manipulate your emails as you wish.  You see?  You are, once again, the boss of your inbox. 


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1  Source: Ferris Research
2  Source: Bright Hub

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