3 Illinois Nonprofits That Help Chicago Youth

At 3Points, we prioritize giving back to our community whenever possible. With that philosophy in mind, we’re taking a break from our usual tech talk to highlight several nonprofit organizations. These groups are actively addressing challenges in Chicago and throughout Illinois. These organizations are specifically geared towards helping local youth.

Build Chicago

Broader Urban Involvement & Leadership Development, or BUILD Chicago, was founded in 1969 and is active in Chicago’s western and southern neighborhoods. BUILD’s stated goals include reducing recidivism, decreasing high school dropout and expulsion rates, increasing access to higher education, and providing opportunities for young people to pursue brighter futures. BUILD addresses serious issues like gang violence and homicide head-on, working to keep youths away from drug and gang culture.

BUILD’s outreach includes partnerships with dozens of local organizations that supervise after-school initiatives. Their define their goals by using the BUILD model, which emphasizes the importance of education and social engagement and culminates in leadership development. For more information on BUILD Chicago and how you can get involved, visit their website.

SOS Children’s Villages

Founded in 1993 with ties to an international charity, SOS seeks to change the way Illinois views foster care. SOS builds small communities in the greater Chicago area in which full-time, professional foster parents care for children. One of the goals of the program is to prevent sibling separation and maintain a positive relationship with biological parents whenever possible. Now serving more than 700 children in Illinois, SOS boasts a 100% high school graduation rate.

The American arm of the organization is an extension of SOS Kindersdorf, a multinational nonprofit that began in Austria in 1945 to provide homes for children orphaned in the wake of World War II.

There are many ways to contribute to SOS. While monetary donations are appreciated and crucial to further growth, the organization is also looking for potential foster parents and volunteers to help build an even greater sense of community in their villages.

The Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation

Founded in 2009 by 3Points President Kevin Doyle, the Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation provides outreach to the children who have lost a parent or guardian to homicide in the Chicago area. Sheilah Doyle, Kevin’s mother, was murdered when three men attempted to steal the hood of her car. The loss was a defining moment for Kevin, who saw many other children in his situation in the Chicago community.

This program includes a three-day camp. During this time campers have an open forum to share their feelings with others who share their experiences. There is also a one-day experience for parents, and the foundation routinely awards scholarships to campers who intend to attend a university.

Since its foundation, 3Points has been the largest financial supporter of the foundation. Several of our employees play a role in its operations. More information on the Sheilah A. Doyle Foundation, including volunteer opportunities, can be found here.