3Points Monitoring System

When people ask me to describe the 3Points Pure Monitoring system, I tell them although it may sound like just an alarm system, it is much more than that, it is an early warning, disaster-avoidance system. In the tech world, we call it Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), the most active management approach you can have for your network.

About 95 percent of our clients are on 3Points Pure Monitoring and let me tell you, it’s a fantastic value. For people who are not on it, support time adds up. Remote monitoring is a force multiplier because it gives our technicians faster access, diagnostics, and specialized tools. The value it delivers comes by way of speed and time saving. Even in an unlimited plan, the time to resolve those issues can be faster. If you’re having a problem, the faster the resolution, the faster you are back in business.

Consider your server: the computer that holds all your files. With Pure Monitoring, we can predict drive failure. We know a problem before a piece of equipment fails. If a company were to lose data, it could take days for full restoration. When we’re catching it before it fails, that’s a disaster avoided.

Pure Monitoring has it’s own process: monitor, respond, resolve and repeat. Here is a little more detail for you to chew on about Pure Monitoring.

1.  Gathers data and monitors servers, networks and devices on the network (like firewalls, switches, Network Area Storage (NAS), workstations and servers).

2.  Sounds alerts for abnormalities. Here, we’re looking at available disk space. If disk space reaches a critical level, the system alerts the 3Points Network Operations Center (we call it NOC for short). If you visit our office, you’ll see quite a number of TVs throughout our office displaying our top alert board. This shows us current situations like site downs and critical issues. The screens and lights make you feel a little bit like you’re walking onboard a Starfleet ship in Star Trek.

3.  Do things automatically (we call this automation or scripting). Some things require immediate action or may be scheduled actions so we use automation from the RMM. Examples might be patches or upgrades on servers or regular maintenance scripts.

4.  Provides remote access. In days past, when you called in for support, a technician might look up your firewall information and passwords and set up a VPN profile to get through the “front door” of your network. With RMM, if there is a problem with a device, we have remote access immediately. Like I said, fast resolution means less interruption for small businesses.

5.  Reports data and intelligence. To me, this is one of the most important aspects of Pure Monitoring. We gather data and intelligence about your network both visually and in text form. Pure Monitoring clients receive an executive summary (it’s several pages long) twice a month via email.

You might find it interesting to know that Pure Monitoring is an evolving product. We’re constantly evaluating its capabilities and offering more features over time. Pure Monitoring allows small businesses to have a team of people watching over their technology, safeguarding their businesses just like large enterprise.

Ryan Hertz is the Quality and Efficiency Manager at 3Points. He joined the company in 2002 and has contributed to 3Points’ outstanding research and development team.