3Points Now Serves Those with 50 to 100 PCs

Since 2001, 3Points has sat front row to many vision-inspired companies with 10 to 50 PCs. Countless success stories speak to how technology has helped our small business clients thrive. Now 3Points is broadening its reach to those with 50 to 100 PCs. Here’s why…

Cloud computing has changed the way people work and live. As a Managed Service Provider, we’ve seen the evolution. The cloud has simplified technology, freeing small businesses to operate like larger competitors, extending the office environment to a mobile workforce, and creating a platform for meaningful collaboration.

The cloud’s influence on those with 50 to 100 computers – business champions oftentimes poised for big growth leaps – has been significant too. This group is not just training for a marathon – they’re running 26.2! But there is some specialized “coaching” needed to run that race faster and smoother. Enter 3Points.

As an example, take a look at this growing, vibrant church organization using slightly more than 100 PCs. Offloading high-level tech initiatives has allowed their internal IT resource to focus on day-to-day work: deploying PCs, setting up new users and emails, addressing user questions and issues (this alone keeps an IT pro from eating lunch on time!), and basic network responsibilities.

The big news: The church has not had to add IT staff, saving substantial overhead. Organizations with 50 to 100 computers need higher-level solutions. Many of these are set-it-and-forget-it, allowing internal IT staff to focus on daily responsibilities and the technology areas they are most passionate about.

Fact: It’s impossible for one person to know everything in this industry. Having a team of IT experts allows growing companies to focus on their core business and day-to-day technology needs.

For our small business clients who grow into the 50 to 100 PC range, this supplemental plan is ready and waiting for them too as they most likely transition into a full-time technology officer.