3Points to Offer Security as a Service

You may have heard of trending technology like infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or software as a service (SaaS). These are low-cost, subscription-based service models that reduce the total cost
of ownership for technology. Like their name indicates, the technology is in the cloud (remote servers residing in large data centers elsewhere) so a small business avoids upfront capital investments. Great news: Starting next quarter, 3Points will be offering security as a service (SECaaS).

What does this mean? Expect a bundled service offering that includes a firewall and additional security features for a low-cost monthly service subscription. This will eliminate the need to purchase a firewall, which typically costs between $1,500 and $2,000, depending on the model. We predict most new clients will adopt security as a service. For existing clients, we’ll be providing education and updates as we roll the program out and as individual licenses expire.

The three major benefits of security as a service is sort of like a triple play from my beloved Yankees (OK, we’re not doing so great this season, but we still hold the title of winning the most World Series). Here they are:

1. No License Renewals.

With most firewalls, on top of the hardware purchase, you need to have a support license in order to take advantage of additional security features and 24-hour support through the manufacturer. This license is typically renewed every one to three years depending on the length of the license. With security as a service, there are no licensing fees or renewals to worry about – everything is bundled together for one low monthly fee.

2. The Most Updated Security.

For firewalls, we typically recommend Dell SonicWALL TZ500 for main offices and TZ400 for smaller, satellite offices. Like the unpredictability of a baseball season, these models may be changing over the next two to three years. Security as a service allows you the flexibility to upgrade to the current generation firewall and continue with the existing subscription method.

3. Less Total Cost of Ownership.

Older Cisco ASAs and Dell SonicWALLs in the 100 Series will be experiencing end-of-life issues. Security as a service avoids the expensive, upfront capital cost of purchasing a firewall and includes additional security services all bundled together – just like a subscription to Office 365.

The great thing is that we can reap the rewards off employing the latest technology with a low cost of entry. This model can even be extended to infrastructure (IaaS), and we already have clients that do so. The only capital purchases they make are for PCs. This model is not for everyone, but it makes sense for a lot of small businesses that want enterprise-level computing for less. Stay tuned for more information on security as a service in the next few weeks.

Go Yankees!

Jon Pisani is the sales engineering manager at 3Points where he manages maintenance agreements and contracts with vendors, leads audits for new business sales, and manages the 3Points Tech Team. Email Jon at jpisani@3points.com.