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3 ways 3Points transformed a Chicago investment firm through IT services

A few years back, the president of a Chicago-based investment firm faced a huge challenge.

Two days before he was due to move his company from Lisle, Illinois to Chicago, he realized there was no space in his new office for his company’s server. To make matters worse, the new building prevented him from using a firewall, and there was little time to migrate to the cloud.

With no space for his server, the president of this investment firm had to rethink the way he managed his IT infrastructure. Moreover, he had to adhere to data protection requirements from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

What could he do?

Thankfully, Chicago-bred managed IT services company 3Points came to the rescue.

The benefits of using a thin client

3Points had a solution: Move to the full cloud using a thin client — a lightweight computer with no hard drive.

The migration process would be simple and provide the investment firm with a heap of benefits as they moved from Lisle to Chicago.

Thin clients don’t have a central processing unit (CPU) like PCs, which makes them more compact. And the president of the investment firm wouldn’t have to compromise features for size. Thin clients have all the functionality of a regular desktop, and users can access data, emails, and other applications through the cloud.

“We can put all our applications and data and computing power in one location, hand it over to a trusted business partner to manage and get on with the core business,” says Computer Weekly.

3Points would do all the hard work for the investment firm and even manage their IT processes afterward. They would also provide remote access to Microsoft 8.1.

“We wanted to move to a company that could handle all our services from the IT standpoint,” said the president of the investment firm. “We wanted to outsource it.”

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Hiring a managed IT services provider in Chicago

Although the president of the investment firm didn’t plan to migrate to the full cloud, the change worked out in the long run. Now, he can optimize office space, access data from remote locations, and streamline day-to-day tasks.

“All (of our) people are doing their jobs without any servers or desktops in our office,” he said. “They can connect to the desktop on phones, Androids, laptops, anything. I have external salespeople who can now log on remotely and receive security updates.”

There are other benefits, too. For example, thin clients and the full cloud provide firms in Chicago with optimized security.

Companies no longer have to worry about malfunctioning hard drives or computers getting stolen. Important data — files, documents, photos, applications, etc. — is stored remotely in a virtual space, away from their business premises.

In the event of an emergency or natural disaster, data can be accessed from a remote location, reducing downtime in the process.

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Improving collaboration across departments

The president of the Chicago investment firm also noticed an improvement in workplace cooperation. Thin client computing allowed his staff to collaborate on projects and share information between departments. His company’s accounting, legal, compliance, product, and marketing departments are all able to access information securely.

3Points was able to help this company manage their IT services and optimize everyday tasks like compliance, file sharing, and customer support.

“Being a small company and having a bigger company like 3Points, who provides us with our outsourced IT, was a great find,” the president of the investment firm said. “They are very responsive, and they worked their tails off to get us moved to the cloud in a timely manner. We were under the gun. They came up with a great solution, quickly.”

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