IT support

6 IT support services your Chicago business needs

Implementing IT support services can mean the difference between a prosperous business and a stagnating one. Managed services such as IT consulting, cybersecurity, and data recovery work together to maintain a level of security that your customers expect. Managed IT service providers offer all this and much more, keeping your business up-to-date and running smoothly.

When it comes to IT support, here are 6 services that your Chicago business needs to thrive.

1) Helpdesk and onsite services

When you have a question or encounter a problem you need a quick resolution. With helpdesk services assistance is just a phone call away. Helpdesk services provide the IT support you need to remotely troubleshoot your problem and quickly provide the answer you need. Onsite services are also available when the issue is complex or requires a more hands-on approach. You will feel confident knowing you have a team of experienced, tech-savvy people ready to take on even your toughest technical problems.

2) IT consulting

When you are ready to take your technology to the next level, consider IT consulting services. The goal of IT consulting is to help you make strategic decisions about your technology in order to keep your business moving forward. Who better to offer advice on products, practices, and efficiency than those who know it best? IT consultants work with you to think beyond your current needs to where your business is heading in the long-term.

3) Cloud services

An increasing number of Chicago area businesses are moving their data into the cloud. This process takes locally stored data and decentralizes it, making it available on any device, from anywhere you have an internet connection. There are several different kinds of cloud services, each with unique benefits. Choosing the right model will depend on the needs of your business as well as your IT capabilities and preferences. Reach out for a conversation with IT support. They can help you figure out what kind of cloud service might be the best fit for you.

4) Cybersecurity

You already know how important cybersecurity is. Even small businesses are vulnerable to being hacked, and you cannot risk the security of your company or your customers. Let your managed IT service provider take on the responsibility of monitoring and protecting your network and keeping your antivirus software up-to-date. You will have peace of mind knowing that professionals are protecting your business.

5) VoIP and data services

If you are still using a traditional phone plan for your business, it might be time to consider a change to a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) plan. VoIP is a great option for businesses because it works by sending calls over the internet, unlike traditional phone service which requires additional wiring and equipment. This means less to maintain and fewer costs. And if VOIP and data are covered by your managed IT service provider, you’ll be paying significantly fewer bills each month!

6) Data backup and recovery

In an ideal world data would never go missing or be corrupted and there would be no need for backups and recovery. But, unfortrunately, we live in the real world. If you don’t back up your data you are playing a dangerous game. Much like cybersecurity, data backups can be set up and managed by an external provider. If and when something goes wrong you can rest assured that you will have a backup ready to restore.