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6 ways an MSP keeps your technology healthy

A managed service provider (MSP) builds, implements, and manages IT services and solutions that allow companies to operate more effectively.

But how exactly do MSPs pull this off?

Let’s take a look at six specific ways an MSP can keep your technology healthy and your company efficient.

1. Routine maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial for avoiding long-term problems. While there may be certain PC issues you can fix yourself, many will require the experience and expertise of an IT specialist. You need an experienced managed service provider that can keep your technology secure and current at all times.

A managed service provider can create a maintenance plan that fits the specific needs of your company and your network. An experienced MSP has the knowledge and skills to maintain the latest tools and technology that keep your hardware up and your systems running smoothly – so you can spend all your time focusing on running your business.

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2. Network monitoring

Every year, small businesses become more and more vulnerable to hackers and malware. Regular network monitoring can catch anything suspicious before it has a chance to infiltrate your system and cause long-term damage.

An MSP can implement built-in monitoring and effective remediation to immediately solve problems. Small and midsize businesses are usually crunched for time and don’t have the manpower to invest in ongoing monitoring to keep their technology more protected and efficient on a daily basis.

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3. Data backup and recovery

Routine backup is crucial for making sure all your data is constantly secured. Many business owners struggle to understand the latest terms and technology involved in effective backup and storage. You need an experienced MSP who knows how to effectively store, manage, and retrieve data in the cloud using the latest tools and best practices.

It’s important to remember that even the best MSP can’t guarantee that hardware failure, data corruption, or other disasters won’t occur. But with an MSP on board, your company will be in a much better position to recover quickly and effectively if the worst happens.

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4. Automatic security patches

Cybersecurity isn’t just an issue for large companies. Keeping small businesses safe from hackers can be overwhelming for a business with limited budgets and staff. Having an automatic security fix can be invaluable to your business.

An experienced MSP team will know exactly what type of security patch is needed in each situation. Having a team of professionals who can respond immediately and accurately will keep your technology operating safely with little to no downtime.

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5. Consulting

While minor issues can sometimes be resolved by someone on your team, the overall health and security of your systems require the specialized, ongoing expertise of technology professionals.

A qualified MSP can plan and execute on strategic projects that specifically meet the needs of your company. With their IT knowledge, in-depth experience, and diverse resources, they can adapt and adjust their plan as your business continues to grow and change.

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6. Consistent service

Counting on one provider to take care of your technology needs will save your business both time and money. This is because they become familiar with the ins and outs of your business … as well as its goals. When this happens, it’s easier to scale your business, implement new changes, and run your operations more smoothly.

Once you know how managed IT services work, it’s imperative to choose a service that will work best for you. Choosing 3Points means you’ll have an MSP with quick response times, unparalleled expertise, and the knowledge to craft solutions that meet the specific needs of your company. Contact 3Points for more information.