Office 365

7 major reasons Office 365 promotes productivity

Office 365 is a great tool for a variety of reasons, but one of its biggest cheerleaders is productivity.

With Office 365, improving productivity is a sure thing. This is because Microsoft has tackled productivity from many different angles — collaboration, communication, personal organization, task management, and more.

Here are 7 major reasons Office 365 promotes productivity within the workplace.


For many people, productivity with Office 365 begins and ends with Word and Excel. There’s nothing much after that. However, it’s important not to overlook the other tools offered by Microsoft — like OneNote.

OneNote, in particular, is a versatile note-taking tool that can help you organize thoughts, ideas, and projects. You can create multiple notebooks — with sections and individual pages within each notebook (for example, a Recipe notebook, sectioned off by Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, with each page acting as a new recipe).

You can share a notebook, section, or page with another person, edit content together, and even integrate content into Word or Excel (or vice versa).  


Again, you need to go above and beyond Word and Excel. Much like with OneNote, Teams is another versatile tool offered by Microsoft that can do a lot for internal productivity.

Teams acts as a chat-based workspace that integrates fully with the Microsoft productivity suite. You can share and edit documents inside Teams, communicate with coworkers, manage upcoming appointments, and much more. Take a look at 3 reasons Microsoft Teams is the collaborative workspace you need to learn more about this feature of Office 365.


File sharing is an important component of productivity because it promotes collaboration with coworkers, speeds up internal processes, and decreases clutter inside your inbox.

Office 365’s OneDrive is a perfect solution for file sharing. It works seamlessly with other Microsoft tools and keeps your data fully secure with three layers of advanced security.

Share entire folders or single documents with people using nothing but a link, and use this link to access those documents from wherever, with whatever device you have.

Browser Access

If you’re on another computer or using your personal laptop, you can always access Office 365’s tools and your working files from the internet.

All you need is an internet connection, a browser, and the proper login credentials. You can access, view, and edit documents, notebooks, spreadsheets, and PowerPoints just as you would with a fully installed version of Office 365.

Mobile Apps

Most of Office 365’s productivity tools are available through a mobile application. For example, you can download the OneNote app on your phone, take notes when you’re on the go, and view all of those notes on your desktop at a later time. All data is in synced in real-time


Whether it’s in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, co-authoring is a powerful productivity feature provided by Office 365. With this tool, multiple people can work on the same content simultaneously. As one person makes changes, the other person can see those changes being made on their device (even if they’re in completely different locations).

With Word, in particular, you can also add comments or suggestions to documents, view version history, and compare two documents by combining them into one document.

This feature simply makes it easier for people to work together and to stay up to date with the most recent versions of projects.


Aside from co-authoring, there are plenty of features Office 365 has made available that can truly change the way you work for the better.

Because of this, it’s important to do your homework and to become familiar with the little intricacies of Office 365. For example, you can use Bing to search for images within a document, add to-dos to your Outlook calendar from OneNote, and even rely on a variety of software integrations to streamline processes outside of Office 365.


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