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Who Is Responsible for Data Security in Cloud Models?

Cloud data storage comes with lots of benefits and is now a norm rather than an exception. If you’re going to use your cloud storage safely, you need to identify who is responsible for data security. Data security responsibilities often depend on the type of model you’re using.

How to Create a 2020 Cloud Strategy for Business

Most businesses will be using the cloud in some way or another during 2020. If yours is going to be one of them, you need to create a strategy. By planning what you need the cloud for and how you’ll use it, adopting a strategy is easier than you think.

The Top 7 Tips to Securing Mobile Data

The average US security breach costs $7.81 million, making data security essential for any business. It’s clear that inadequate security policies put you at risk. But did you know this extends to mobile devices too? Here are 7 things you need to keep mobile data secure.

How to Ensure Network Security with BYOD

When you benefit from BYOD, you won’t want to abandon your policy anytime soon. However, you do have a responsibility to use such policies safely. With our guidance, you can implement BYOD without introducing risks to your business. This way you gain flexibility and security.

How Businesses Can Stay Current on Compliance

There is no choice in the matter — your business needs to be compliant with all the applicable regulations. But how do you make sure that this is the case? And how do you make sure your business stays this way? Take a look at our tips.