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Full-Cloud: Fact or Fiction?

Some small businesses are kicking technology to the curb. Sort of. A movement is underfoot to dismiss space-hogging servers and temperamental desktops in favor of a full-cloud offering where everyday business systems are virtualized. Here’s how full-cloud works. A thin client (basically a dummy terminal) or other device uses the Internet to connect you to […]

Windows 10 is FREE from Microsoft

Nope, that’s not a typo. Microsoft Windows 10 will be offered free to those already running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phon e 8.1 (no one really knows what happened to version 9!). As for Windows 10’s availability, the 3Points Tech Team received an anonymous tip that puts the release date at right around […]

Pure Online Back Up

Remember the price spikes on your phone bill before unlimited texting? For some companies, data backup is similar. There comes a point when “unlimited” costs less than paying as you go. Case in point: 3Points’ Pure Online Backup. The solution is an unlimited cloud-based package that provides image-based backup of your server(s) for one fixed […]

5 Steps to Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

CryptoLocker ransoms corporate victims. Zeus botnet steals bank information. ZeroAccess botnet triggers bitcoin mining and click fraud. While scien ce fiction-sounding in name, these digital Trojan horses are merciless and real, attacking thirty percent of small businesses—that’s 1 in 5 receiving at least one spear-phishing email annually—according to the Symantec Threat Report for 2014. Cybercrime […]

OneDrive for Business

Can we extoll the virtues of Office 365 too much? Absolutely not! Clients are adopting this feature-rich technology platform because it’s easier to use than a television set and more flexible than the easiest going person in the office. Case in point: OneDrive for Business, included in an Office 365 subscription, allows you to create, […]

Small Business, Mobile Devices and Coming Up With All The New Rules

In A Good Day to Die Hard, John McClane (Bruce Willis) used a Samsung B7330 Omnia Pro satellite phone to help outmaneuver the Russians. These days, more and more small businesses are joining the likes of international heroes and CIA operatives for one reason: the urgent need for data protection on mobile devices. Earlier this […]

Need to Reach Out to Somebody RIGHT NOW? Try Lync

If you have Microsoft Office 365, then you probably already have Lync Online. The technology is a cloud-based “instant” communications service. Ever stick your head out your office door and shout up the hallway to share an epiphany with a colleague? That’s Lync without getting any eye rolls and, by the way, that “hallway” could […]