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8 Points About Microsoft Compliance Most Small Businesses Learn Too Late

There’s a new sheriff in PC town. The software-slinging technology giant has four colorful squares on his badge emblazoned with one word: Microsoft. Be prepared. He’s calling in his chits. Microsoft, as everyone on planet Earth knows, has equipped generations of computer users with the means to write, calculate, present, email, connect and share. Now […]

Why Crowdfunding is Brilliant for Building Illinois Communities

Here’s what crowdfunding looked like in 1885 . . . Newspaperman Joseph Pulitzer wanted the Statue of Liberty done. So he asked readers of the New York World to donate to a “pedestal fund.” The campaign raised $101,091 – about the equivalent of $2.5 million in today’s dollars – from 160,000 donors. In its simplest […]

When the Worst Happens: A 10-Point Natural Disaster Recovery Checklist

“Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy” . . . an insightful quote by Max Mayfield, a man who knows a thing or two about natural disasters. Mr. Mayfield served as the director of the National Hurricane Center. His point hits home for businesses affected by a natural disaster where the building […]

Product Focus: Pure Monitoring System

In 2013, 3Points introduced its Pure solution line, a suite of packaged services delivering greater uptime, productivity and business insight. One of those solutions is the Pure Monitoring System. Today, it continues to protect small businesses 24/7/365 by monitoring more than 20 system components and tracking business assets like hard drive space, warranty parameters and […]

11 Essential Points for a Small Business IT Security Policy

I remember the first time I watched Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn in my all-time favorite war movie, “The Guns of Navarone.” A small band of gutsy misfits takes on practically the entire German army. Clearly, the odds were stacked against them. That’s how IT security feels sometimes for small businesses. You’re working hard to […]

3Points Now Serves Those with 50 to 100 PCs

Since 2001, 3Points has sat front row to many vision-inspired companies with 10 to 50 PCs. Countless success stories speak to how technology has helped our small business clients thrive. Now 3Points is broadening its reach to those with 50 to 100 PCs. Here’s why… Cloud computing has changed the way people work and live. […]

Shark Tank – Chicago-Style

I’ve attended two Shark Tank-like pitch events here in Chicago hosted by the Small Business Advocacy Council. Electric. That’s the word that comes to mind to describe the event’s charge d atmosphere. It starts when the networking begins. Picture a group of people hanging out in a hip venue surrounded by an intense anticipation that […]

SharePoint: A Deeper Dive

Jack doesn’t know how to use the new coffee machine in the company lunchroom. No one is around. Jack needs caffeine. Do you want Jack to fall asleep at his desk or do you want him to finish his report for the board meeting? SharePoint to the rescue. An exaggerated example at best (or worst!). […]

5 Must-Do Action Items When Hiring an IT Firm

I love watching a good action movie. The surprises and twists keep me going. (Plus, I like popcorn drenched in salty butter.) When it comes to IT, though, surprises are never, ever a good thing. At 3Points, onboarding clients dramatically reduces the pain we all feel when things don’t go as planned. It even makes […]

6 Most Important Points When Moving a Company Network

Kraft Heinz did it. Motorola Solutions is following suit. And McDonald’s has it slated for 2018. What do these companies have in common? Office relocation. And that means moving a company network, something that can easily be left last on the list of priorities. Businesses, from small to super big, move for a variety of […]