IT support

7 features your Chicago IT support should include

Your IT support team needs to meet your needs and provide services that are specifically designed to help support your business technology, and address issues in a time and supportive manner. Much of it comes down to proficiency and a reliable system of communication.
IT support

6 IT support services your Chicago business needs

Managed services such as IT consulting, cyber security, and data recovery work together to maintain a level of security that your customers expect. Keep up-to-date and running smoothly with these 6 services that your Chicago business needs to thrive.
woman pointing at computer providing IT support

4 great reasons to outsource your IT support

Today's businesses are more dependent on tech than ever. But handling this growing need for IT support can overwhelm small businesses. Learn how outsourcing your IT support can save you money and offer flexible, scalable IT solutions to help your business grow.
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Chicago trucking company grows big by partnering with local IT services provider

A transportation company in Chicago wanted to expand their business. To do this, the company contacted 3Points, an IT services provider in Chicago.
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3 ways 3Points transformed a Chicago investment firm through IT services

When the president of an investment firm lacked office space to store his company's server, he hired a Chicago-based managed IT services provider.

Here's what your Chicago SMB can learn from 5 IT services and trends

Chicago SMBs and other businesses around the world are using different IT services and trends to grow. Let’s take a look at 5 of those services now.
Woman teaches good tech habits to employees.

5 ways to promote good tech habits in the workplace

As a Chicago IT support provider, we've discovered five ways you can use IT training to encourage better tech habits in the workplace.
A group of workers collaborate.

3 tech tips every business professional should take to heart

All business professionals should have a basic understanding of their technology. In other words, they should know how it works, why they need to keep it secure, and how to treat it. Here are a few good tech tips to get you started.
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The small business owner's 5-part guide to technology

Technology is absolutely essential for small-to-medium businesses. Before you implement any new IT structure, consider the long-term effects it will have on your overall business plan.
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5 common warning signs of failing or outdated technology

Failing technology is a disaster for any company, large or small. It can critically slow your internal processes, cause frustration for your team of employees, and even cost you customers. Here are some common indicators of outdated technology and how to spot them.