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The beginner’s guide: IT solutions for business growth

In our beginner’s guide to technology, we’ll cover IT consulting, managed services, and IT tips and tricks. This custom IT guide is built to help you leverage technology better and grow your business in the process.

A basic guide to the world of managed IT services

We’ll admit it: managed services is a bit of a buzzword. A wide variety of services fall under the managed services umbrella, ranging from cloud services and data backup to hosted phone services. This helpful guide might clear things up.
Tech terms to know, pt 2

7 tech terms every business person should know, part 2

While it’s not important to know every tiny detail, it is important to have a basic understanding of the IT you work with every day. Here are 7 tech terms to get you headed in the right direction.
Tech terms to know

7 tech terms every business person should know

As a business professional, it’s important to understand basic tech terms or jargon. Here are a few terms to get you headed in the right direction.
Chicago law firm IT services

3 ways we transformed a Chicago law firm with technology

A Chicago law firm was struggling with connectivity issues between their three satellite locations had them considering a new approach to their IT aimed at increasing productivity. Here are 3 ways we transformed one Chicago law firm’s productivity and scalability by migrating them to the cloud.

How to embrace the cloud

The cloud is one of the most widely-adopted technologies in recent…

How to Protect Your Small Business from Cybercrime

Cybercrime is becoming its own incredibly lucrative industry, and if you don’t take the proper cybersecurity precautions, your business could be targeted. By 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually; that’s more than the GDP of Japan, the world’s third-largest economy.
Microsoft OneNote best features

5 OneNote features for the best user experience

OneNote is a one-stop digital notebook, with the ability to organize using folders, sections and subsections to keep track of your projects or notes better than almost any other program. Here are 5 of our favorite tricks for getting the best OneNote user experience.

IT consulting vs. managed services: which is right for your business?

With all of your other duties, IT probably isn’t something you think about too much. In fact, IT usually goes unnoticed unless it starts causing problems. If your technology is proving problematic, don’t worry. IT consulting is a great alternative to a heavy investment in managed services.

The beginner's no-nonsense guide to cloud computing

More than any other single technology, cloud computing has transformed the way business IT works in recent years. The cloud provides a host of solutions that can not only save businesses time and money, but can also transform their company culture in new and innovative ways.