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4 must-have features of modern business phone systems

In recent years, technology has driven nearly every business system to new levels. And business phone systems are no exception. If you’re still using plain old telephone service (POTS), you’re missing out on some incredible tools that will really drive your business productivity and connectivity to new levels.

If identifying a modern business phone system seems like a big undertaking, then this is the article for you.

Here are 4 must-have features for modern business phone systems.

Voicemail Transcription

Still struggling to listen to those hard-to-decipher voicemails? Or worse, waiting until after your meeting to decide if that missed call requires priority? Voicemail transcription, often called visual voicemail, is the solution.

With this feature, you can scan the transcript of that call right from your smartphone’s email app, and take appropriate action in the moment.

It’s shockingly convenient. So much so that you’ll wonder how you ever dealt with voicemails any other way.

Call Recording

Want to take your sales strategy or team training up a level? With a call recording feature, you can effortlessly record sales calls, phone meetings and other types of calls for sharing and playback later. Never worry about taking hasty notes or what you missed in that process again. With call recording, you’ll have a perfect record of all your important calls.

Auto Attendant

Is your receptionist overworked? Or simply non-existent? No problem. With an auto attendant feature, your clients will still be greeted by a friendly voice that’s ready to help, whether it’s peak hours, after hours or during lunch.

The auto attendant can direct caller inquiries, forward calls to voicemail, reroute them to other people in your office, or even offer basic support options. It’s incredibly convenient and helpful for both you and your clients.

Call Screening

But maybe you’re in the office, and you don’t want to talk to someone right now. Or else, you just don’t have the time. In this case, you need a call screening feature. And we’re not talking about basic “look at the caller ID and decline the call” screening, either. You’ve got options.

Forward the call to your mobile phone or pass it on to your co-worker. Disconnect the call without giving the caller the option to go to voicemail, or else send them to voicemail so you can read the transcript of their message later.

With advanced call screening, you’ve got powerful tools to handle those inconvenient or even unwanted calls that drag your productivity down and interrupt your current focus.

Get them all with VoIP

All of these features and countless others are available in one powerful package when you switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for your phone systems. VoIP has evolved over time to deliver the best functionality and value. And sooner or later, it will become the standard communication option for all businesses. As part of a larger unified communications strategy, VoIP offers massive advantages over POTS and will absolutely transform the way you do business.

So why haven’t you switched your phone systems to VoIP yet? Drop us a line, we’re happy to show you the way!

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