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Chicago trucking company grows big by partnering with local IT services provider

The owner of a 30-year-old transportation company in Lynwood, Illinois wanted to expand his business, so he decided it was time to partner with a managed IT services provider.

Two years after making the decision to partner with Chicago-based MSP, 3Points, the transportation company experienced exponential growth and added 150 trucks to their fleet of vehicles in just two years.

But how did 3Points help grow this business so much in such a short amount of time?

By focusing on technology — the driving force behind the modern transportation industry.

When the owner of the trucking company approached 3Points back in 2007, he was operating in nine states. Today, he presides over 17 regional locations.

“Physically, 3Points has helped us address all our IT needs,” he said. Our divisions are across the United States. We have operations everywhere and our IT needs are diverse.”

The challenge

The trucking company needed to streamline IT processes across all of its regional locations. Before the owner approached 3Points, the company was using individual machines instead of a centralized network terminal.

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3Points decided to introduce the company to thin client computing, which would provide all of the company’s regional managers with access to company data and applications. The company could store information on one server, and employees would be able to access that information from remote locations.

“With thin client technology, it should make things a lot more uniform,” says the owner of the company. “It’s like a router box with an Internet connection. 3Points connects a firewall shipped to each remote location, and hooks up a keyboard to the thin client server at corporate headquarters.”

The benefits of thin client computing

Thin client computing allows employees of the trucking company to access files remotely (improving mobility and collaboration), and managers are able to control the types of websites and software employees use (improving security and control).

“With so many different divisions and different computers, it would be impossible to monitor that otherwise,” he says. “Each manager has to log into a VPN connection, they dial in on our mail server and our phone system; it’s all IT Internet-based.”

There are other benefits, too. For example, the company improved data backup and recovery processes. Even if disaster strikes, employees can still access files and important information.

On top of built-in backup, thin client computing requires little in the way of maintenance. This reduces operating costs and streamlines IT management.

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A successful IT partnership

“There’s always something that comes up with IT, and our managers need help,” says the owner. “A lot overflows to 3Points and their technicians on things beyond our knowledge capability in the day-to-day support for managers. It’s been huge.”

If you’re looking for IT support, services, or solutions in Chicago, then look no further than 3Points. Partner with this Chicago Managed Services Provider to leverage technology better and grow your business in the process.

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