How IT Consulting Helps Your CIO

Being the chief information officer (CIO) of any business is like juggling chainsaws – one mistake could be disastrous. Managing a business’s cybersecurity and data storage (among other things) on top of day-to-day maintenance is a daunting task. Even if your CIO is the most skilled IT guru in town, they could probably use a second set of eyes now and then. IT consulting is a great way to provide insight and advice for your CIO. Consulting isn’t intrusive, doesn’t bind you to any course of action, and supplements your CIO’s existing skills and resources.

When selecting consulting services, it’s important to keep in mind what a CIO would look for in a consultant, and how IT consulting can benefit them.

IT Consulting Is About Building Relationships

If you enlist the IT consulting services of a managed service provider like 3Points, it’s the first step in what will hopefully be a mutually beneficial relationship. IT consulting isn’t about sales, or even fixing your problems immediately. It’s a process of discovery and learning about your business so that every party has as much information as possible.

What does this mean from your CIO’s point of view? IT consulting is about learning in collaboration with an outside expert. Your CIO should want a consultant to be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of your network. An initial consultation can set up a trusting relationship that can benefit your business long into the future. When done right, IT consulting will leave both your CIO and the consultant feeling more confident in their abilities.

IT Consulting Is an Added Layer of Assurance

If your business has the resources and forethought to keep a CIO on staff, there’s a good chance that many of your current IT solutions are working well. That said, it’s impossible to put a value on peace of mind. IT consulting gives your business an objective point of view. Familiarity can camouflage weaknesses in your current network – weaknesses that IT consulting can reveal.

IT Consulting Is a Gateway to Growth

As a senior employee in your company, your CIO is committed to the growth of your business. As previously stated, managing a company’s technology is time consuming. There’s a good chance that newer and more effective IT solutions hit the market while your CIO was busy keeping the business’s head above water. IT consultants can offer insight into the latest IT trends that will make life easier for your CIO and everyone else in your business.

The end result of IT consulting is knowledge. You’ll know your strengths and weaknesses and the nature of the threats you face. You’ll know your options for improvement. When you work with an IT consultant from a managed service provider like 3Points, you’ll also know how to take the next step – and we’ll be ready to help.

At 3Points we believe that an investment in IT is an investment in your people. If you think your business could benefit from IT consulting (and you’d like to make life a little easier for your CIO) then feel free to reach out. We’re standing by to provide IT solutions for Illinois businesses – just drop us a line.