Experience Ultimate Business Agility with IT Cloud Solutions

3Points has spent years serving the Chicagoland area with high-quality, customized business continuity plans for local businesses.  In many cases, we’ve been able to lift most of the restrictions that organizations were facing by integrating some cloud-based IT solutions.  Understanding the threats that cause undue risk for your company and addressing them with IT solutions is our specialty.  We will learn your business from top to bottom and create a plan to help your company to experience the ultimate level of business agility.

Business continuity planning needs to be a concern at every level of your business.  It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 employees; there are likely several weak spots in each level and process area.  You may be aware of some; there are others that may have eluded you.  It’s our job to come in and understand those areas. We’re here to make sure everybody on the team is pulling in the same direction. We’ll leave you with the best performance metrics possible so that you can operate at an even higher level and do more to serve the people and businesses of Chicago.  The following IT Cloud Solutions can often help us reach that goal:

Voice over IP solutions

There is nothing that will enhance your organization’s ability to function at the highest possible level more than reliable and thorough communication.  Voice over IP allows for endless options to enhance the continuity of your company and product. Consequently, employees can switch from device to device without dropping calls, use the same phone number on all of their devices, and even video conference or read voicemail transcripts. A cloud-based server can handle all of this.

Software as a Service

Rather than spending an unfortunate amount of money on multiple copies of the same few softwares, have you considered SaaS?  Software as a service will often reduce the amount of wasted money for a company, directly adhering to your business continuity plan.  We will make sure you’re not going to be missing out on any mission critical software and not overspending by hooking you up with the best SaaS companies in the business.

Server Replication and Backup Systems

We will spend a lot of time evaluating your disaster recovery methods, as dictated by the business continuity plan.  The last thing anybody wants to see is your company going under and people losing a source of income for their families because the proper disaster recovery system wasn’t in place.  Utilizing cloud systems is ideal for disaster recovery.  If your servers are all virtual, there is nothing to worry about in the event of a natural disaster.  Just get that internet back up and running and you’re back in business.  If your servers are replicated on the web with an adequate backup schedule, you need not worry in the case of a virtual attack.  No worries.  We will make sure you’re 100% protected so that there is minimal downtime in any scenario.

3Points is here for local businesses –  we’re here for you.  At 3Points, we believe technology has the power to free you from mundane, repetitive tasks. When you work with 3Points you’ll spend more time being productive because we’re being proactive.  Get your business continuity plan up to snuff by utilizing 3Points and the cloud solutions we make available to you! Just reach out today to get the process started.