Introducing the New 3Points Client Portal

The speed of small business is lightning fast. So, the 3Points Tech Team has developed an online tool that will help you resolve technology issues faster, save time, and give you valuable insight – all through the new 3Points Client Portal. By 3rd Quarter 2015, you’ll be able to engage with your technology at an even deeper level. You’ll see the same information we see online in real time, any time. Rather than calling in for basic information or sending an email, all you have to do is check the portal.

Here’s how it works: The portal is housed on the 3Points website. Users will have password-protected access. The portal is categorized into five main areas:

The Basics.

Update basic client information like company contacts, phone numbers, authorized callers or technology priority lists.

Online Inquiries.

Request a callback via a phone number not listed on the communications trail.

Interactive Updates.

Read the most recent case notes or your own comments, screen shots and files so the dialogue keeps moving forward faster and more accurately.

Timesheets and Billing.

See up-to-the-minute information on invoices and timesheets. Not sure what services are included in your plan? Just reference your details online.

Your Dashboard.

See how we’re doing this week, month, quarter, or year. You even have the option to online chat with a member of our customer service team for quick answers to basic questions.

For 3Points, the portal ties into one of our newest core values: holding ourselves accountable. Watch for an email soon with further details.

Sammy Garcia is 3Points’ Director of Client Communications. Sammy is passionate about advising clients on how to get the most from their technology. For questions on the portal or other issues, give him a call at (708) 491-0300.