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Lock On to Your Targets with the Right IT Support

Most bullets don’t hit their intended target – at least not with the precision the shooter was hoping for. Dozens of factors influence how a bullet flies, and most of them are controlled (or can be compensated for) by the person behind the trigger. Wind, bullet drop, tiny shifts in the marksman’s posture, breathing, and even the coriolis effect all make tiny changes to the flight path. These changes compound on each other, and a split second later the bullet hits nowhere close to where it should.

The United States Military has been looking for ways to increase the stability of its weapons and eliminate user error throughout the history of modern firearms. They’ve made incredible progress in their efforts; modern rifles can fire faster, farther, more accurately, and with less recoil than any of their predecessors, but there’s only so much designers can do before human error causes diminishing returns.

The AimLock Stabilized Weapons Platform is trying to eliminate user error with firearms by making tiny real-time corrections to a weapon’s aim to counteract the natural wobble that soldiers experience in the heat of a firefight. The system is in testing with the U.S. Army as of Fall 2016. If it succeeds, the platform will help make soldiers capable of superhuman precision during combat.

In theory, there are similar solutions for nearly every part of the human experience, and the business world is no different; with fantastic IT support, your company is capable of reaching goals that were previously unattainable. A great network infrastructure and a suite of IT enhancements to your workplace will change the way you work before you know it.

Powerful Solutions to Help You Hit Your Target

Before deciding on what kind of IT support your business needs, you first need to select a target. Do you want to see a short-term sales boost? Do you have an ambitious 24-month plan? Once you know what target you want to hit, a managed service provider will be able to evaluate your current IT setup and start forming a plan.

Once we know what your problems are and how to rectify them, we can go to work redesigning your network to better suit your needs, so that every time you need to pull the trigger, you’ve got a finely tuned system making sure you hit the target you’re aiming for.

IT support comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you hit whatever target means the most. Cloud services help you optimize your workflows and save time and money on data storage. Professional network services make sure your infrastructure is performing properly and spots threats before they become a danger to your network. Great IT support can resolve a seemingly endless list of challenges, many of which you never knew you had.

If your business is ready to hit the bullseye with every shot, we’d love to sit down and discuss what 3Points can do for you. Our team of IT professionals takes pride in giving our clients exactly what they need to excel – just give us a call or leave us a message today to get the conversation started.