Need to Reach Out to Somebody RIGHT NOW? Try Lync

If you have Microsoft Office 365, then you probably already have Lync Online. The technology is a cloud-based “instant” communications service. Ever stick your head
out your office door and shout up the hallway to share an epiphany with a colleague? That’s Lync without getting any eye rolls and, by the way, that “hallway” could extend around the world to anyone you need to “suddenly” communicate with.

Lync allows you to chat, IM, text, talk, share data and video, and have face-to-face meetings using a webcam. Imagine online meetings, virtual white boards, electronic file sharing and online polling—all with a click, click, click. None of these tools are new. But, Lync differs in one significant way: it allows you to communicate with people seamlessly across Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, PowerPoint and OneNote. A really cool feature is called the presence icon, which tells you if the person you want to communicate with is online and available.

A few examples of how 3Points and our clients are using Lync:

–  The 3Points Tech Team uses Lync to collaborate in between monthly meetings. I started a group Lync conversation, shared screens of new technology, created a Poll within Lync, and we voted on our first Tech Team purchase of 2014 in about 5 minutes. It was pretty neat to gather everybody in a very impromptu way.

–  We conduct some client Project Follow-up Meetings via Lync. Our Project Manager, Kyle, will schedule a Lync meeting with a client who recently upgraded to Office 365. The client clicks the link at the meeting time (similar to GoToMeeting) and connects via video chat.

–  Lync is helping us provide solutions faster, too. When a client calls in, a Customer Service Team member sends out a group conversation Lync message to the Remote Network Operations Center Team to see who can handle the issue quickly.

I also like that Lync syncs up with Outlook so if you’re scheduled for a meeting, you don’t need to change your status in Lync. It automatically adjusts to busy/free based on your calendar, which is great!

Interestingly, big boys like Cargill use Lync to “boost collaboration, cut costs and increase the company’s competitive edge.” But guess what? Smaller organizations are reaping the same benefits. And you can too, if you aren’t already.

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