OneDrive for Business

Can we extoll the virtues of Office 365 too much? Absolutely not! Clients are adopting this feature-rich technology platform because it’s easier to use than a television set and more flexible than the easiest going person in the office. Case in point: OneDrive for Business, included in an Office 365 subscription, allows you to create, store and share big files in the cloud.


Think of it as a DropBox alternative, a way to store and backup your data-heavy files and spreadsheets, space hogging creative work and corporate videos. Each user gets 1 terabyte of space with OneDrive for Business (that’s a lot, see graphic below for reference).

For years, people have stored files on their hard drives. With OneDrive for Business, you’re putting them in the cloud giving you anytime access and the ability to easily share them (so, in other words, computer downtime and crashes are no longer a concern). No more attachments. Just send a link to where your information is and voila! We live in a world that works together and OneDrive for Business encourages collaboration. Also, 3Points automatically redirects the My Documents folder to OneDrive for Business from anywhere, providing anytime access to important files.

For those on-the-go, OneDrive for Business offers apps for Windows 8, Windows RT and iOS devices. And, it is secure, meeting many industry standards and compliance regulations for privacy best practices.

What is your company’s approach to file storage? Call the 3Points Network Operations Center to find out how OneDrive for Business might help your business work smarter.