Pure Online Back Up

Remember the price spikes on your phone bill before unlimited texting? For some companies, data backup is similar. There comes a point when “unlimited” costs less than paying as you go. Case in point: 3Points’ Pure Online Backup. The solution is an unlimited cloud-based package that provides image-based backup of your server(s) for one fixed price. Before we talk too much about backing up your data, though, let’s start at ground zero.

Small businesses have three options: image-based backups, file backups or a hybrid of both. An image-based backup is like taking a picture of your server at that moment—every piece of it. The picture is then stored in the cloud. Image-based backups are much faster to restore; typically, it requires just a few hours to get everything back to the way it should look. To restore a file backup, you have to bring in a new server, load applications, and restore files over a span of days. Many of our clients use a two-phase backup approach with image-backup onsite and file backups in the cloud.

Of course, the approach you choose dictates your investment. Image-based backups are more expensive than file backups. So, how do you decide which option is best for you?

Look at the amount of data you backed up over the past few months. If it’s trending up to a terabyte or 1000 GB, then Pure Online Backup is absolutely the way to go. You’ll be able to back up all the data you want for one fixed price. If your business is doing file backups and price is the only obstacle to image-based backups, then Pure Online Backup is a perfect solution.

The people who see the bills will know. 3Points’ invoices show the amount of space used and overage costs. We typically favor the cloud because as your business grows, your data grows. It never gets smaller.

3Points is here to help you make the right choices that make sense for your business. Pure Online Backup isn’t for everybody, but it is right for most people. Call me or send me an email or ask your technician about the best backup strategy for you.

Mike Magnesen leads the 3Points Tech Team, a group dedicated to research and development of new technology for small business. Connect with him at:

mmagnesen@3points.com or 708.546.4945.