“Set-it-and-Forget-it” Data Backup Works Great for Small Business

Data backup is like having an extra set of house keys under a garden rock: when your first set go missing, you feel great finding a spare quickly and easily. Picking the right rock, though, is important because you don’t want one too small or too big. The same is true when it comes to small business backup.

Today, we would like to discuss a new backup solution that meets the titanium tough standards set forth by the 3Points Tech Team called Pure Virtual Backups. After a rigorous three-month trial, we were so impressed that we welcomed the application in our Pure line of technology solutions for small business.

Pure Virtual Backups is a true “set-it-and-forget-it” data protection technology offering stellar advantages for the small business owner concerned about the risks of downtime and data loss. Many small businesses use cumbersome manual backup and recovery systems. These require valuable staff time and offer slow recovery turnaround (the old adage “time is money” comes to mind here). In contrast, Pure Virtual Backups is fully automated and provides rapid recovery. While there are various backup products that offer one feature or another, Pure Virtual Backups is the only one that has it all. This empowers small businesses to be proactive rather than reactive, creating a more enterprise-level way of doing business. Honestly, Pure Virtual Backups is the kind of technology that puts people in a happy place – especially as business’ dependence on data grows.

Talk, however, is just that: yadayadayada. So let’s take a real world example. One of our clients is a fire department. Their technology infrastructure has a boatload of data, third party applications designed for emergency responders, file shares, accounting software, an ERP system, file servers, domain controllers and print servers – common fare for small businesses. Fast access to an exact copy of the fire department’s data is critical in a crisis.

A server at a main location has virtual machines that handle a number of tasks. One of those tasks is to manage Pure Virtual Backups. A copy of the fire department’s infrastructure is then kept at a second location. If the first server site shuts down (possible scenarios might be hardware failure, hard drive or motherboard failure, system crash, power failure over an extended period of time or a virus that infiltrates one of the virtual machines), a quick recovery requires about five to ten minutes, which is unbelievably fast.

Multiple times throughout the week, 3Points confirms our client’s backups. To date, there have been no catastrophic failure. The folks at the fire department do, however, feel safer and more confident, just like their own community feels knowing emergency support is just around the corner.

Pure Virtual Backups is geared for the company with a virtual server environment. We see a lot of this in engineering and design markets using AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite or Microsoft SQL where large, monolithic files are common. Given a standalone server and operating system, the solution backs everything up to a local storage device and then replicates the data as mentioned in the example of the fire department. Pure Virtual Backups’ object level recovery is a fancy way of saying that it has the ability to restore single files (as opposed to the entire infrastructure only) – a great feature. It also integrates monitoring software with alerts.

By now, you’ve figured out that I like metaphors so here’s one that wraps it all up. If the business was your house and all the pieces in your house are important to you – files, books, furniture, clothes – then Pure Virtual Backups allows you to copy your entire house and its contents. If something breaks inside your house and needs to be replaced – like your high school basketball trophy for instance – it can be. Or, if the entire house needs to be rebuilt, Pure Virtual Backups can do that too.
Jon Pisani is the sales engineering manager at 3Points where he manages maintenance agreements and contracts with vendors, leads audits for new business sales, and manages the 3Points Tech Team. Email Jon at jpisani@3points.com.