The top 6 reasons to use Office 365

Hands down, Office 365 is better than the competition.

At least … we believe it is — along with 120 million other business users.

Office 365 provides everything you need and more to remain productive, mobile, secure, and fully efficient in the business world, and here are 6 major reasons why.

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When it comes to all-in-one digital notebooks, OneNote is about as feature-rich as they come, and part of its charm originates from its intuitive nature. Unlike its closest competitor, Evernote, you can jump right into OneNote — no learning curve necessary.

This Office tool is great for team environments specifically. You can create individual notebooks, and, within those, you can create unlimited pages (and then sections within those pages). You can add coworkers to an entire notebook for unrestricted collaboration or add them to a specific section or single page for tasking purposes.

OneNote treats all content within your notes as separate page elements, allowing you to edit them independently. You can create text, draw, translate, and add images and audio to each page.

With a simple browser extension, you can even “clip” content (or entire articles) from the web and add that content directly to your notes (an easy way to save things for later or track ongoing research).

5 can't-miss features

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Some have drawn comparisons between Microsoft’s collaboration software, Teams, and one of the larger, free-standing apps on the market, Slack. While the superficial similarities are striking, what’s “under the hood” drastically sets Teams apart.

Similar to other chat-based collaboration tools, you have a company-wide workspace designed to keep your team on the same page. However, where Teams outshines its competitors is with its integration capabilities.

Teams “links up” with other Office tools to create a Microsoft ecosystem. You can embed content from other Office programs — and even integrate over 150 third-party applications.

These integrations allow you to create a Wiki within a chat group, view your meetings by clicking a separate tab, and work on a Word document without ever leaving the platform.

3 additional benefits

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Much ado has been made about Google’s online suite of office tools, but at the end of the day, Word still holds the title as the champion of productivity.

Word set the document-writing standard and continues to push the boundaries. The platform’s features are rich, diverse, and capable of integrating with a slew of other online tools — like Grammarly (a popular editing tool that’s yet to find a home in Google Docs).

Beyond the typical features and integrations, however, Word simply has some of the best document collaboration tools available. From co-authoring capabilities to side-by-side document comparison, there’s no one-upping Word.

Power Point



If you crave powerful editing tools to create professional presentations, then PowerPoint is the only option to consider. Slideshow apps like Keynote and Prezi simply don’t compare — they lack in features, quality, and integrations.

From something as simple as transitions to something as involved as collaboration, PowerPoint has it all — making it a breeze to fine-tune, share, and practice your presentations.

For example, PowerPoint now offers up design ideas as you create your slides. Type in some text and the tool will analyze the content and automatically generate a design and transition that fits the flow of your overall presentation. It’s an intelligent tool that cuts out the fluff and saves you time.

Power Point Features

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Financial calculations, data management, and more — Excel is the tool for handling spreadsheets. Much like Word, Excel has set the standard and continues to push the boundaries.

With this spreadsheet-making tool, you can create sheets from scratch or leverage hundreds of intelligently built templates provided by Microsoft.

The more familiar you become with this tool, the greater your capabilities will become. Understand how to use Excel and you can add a few numbers together or effortlessly manage neverending strings of data at a large corporation.

In other words, the tool’s strengths are near limitless.

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If you rely on Gmail for your email needs, you should probably take a peek at Outlook.

The interface is clear, quick, and intuitive — and not to mention, safe from the inside-out.

There are scores of innovative tools to keep your inbox free of spam and junk, and it’s one of the few email services that allow you to import social media contacts straight to your address book. Outlook can even save contact information from sent or received messages, so you don’t have to do it manually — a useful tool that can save you plenty of time.

New Features Microsoft

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Office 365 is the way to go

Office 365 brings all your organizational productivity needs under one umbrella. It’s safe, modern, and fully loaded to support your team’s needs. Give it a shot, and you’ll likely reach the same conclusion.