Three Reasons You Should Be Using Cloud Services

The last decade has seen the emergence of several revolutionary technologies that have changed the way businesses work overnight. Cloud technology has changed the way we think about data storage and collaboration.

Just a few years ago files that were too large to be transferred via email had to be carried around on a flash drive or other external storage device. Today we can store massive amounts of data in cyberspace and access them from any computer or mobile device.

More businesses adopt cloud services every day, and it’s making them more efficient and polished in their processes. If you haven’t done so already, here are a few reasons why making use of cloud services should be one of your company’s top priorities.

The Cloud is Flexible and Accessible

One of the cloud’s main features would have been considered impossible 10 years ago: the data stored in the cloud can be accessed anywhere at any time. This gives businesses that use the cloud to store their data an unprecedented level of flexibility in their workflows.

When data is accessible from anyplace with an internet connection, employees aren’t tied to their desks to work on documents, collaborate or even conduct meetings. Cloud services enable employees to work from home or their hotel or even the coffee shop down the street. They can also access official data securely from mobile devices. This means that once the necessary precautions are taken, employees can begin working from their personal devices to stay productive and connected.

The Cloud Grows with You

The cloud isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it’s a single, powerful solution capable of growing to any size as your business needs change. If you’re a small organization you may not need that much space in the cloud right now – and that’s okay. When you grow, however, your storage needs will also grow, and that’s where the scalability of cloud services comes into play. Unlike traditional storage devices, you can free up space in the cloud without having to delete your old files.

When you expand your cloud service you don’t lose anything. The warning messages that tell you you’re running out of room simply go away and you can continue your day mostly uninterrupted. The same technology is working for you that is capable of supporting the needs of Fortune 500 companies – and it’s ready for change when you are – so you’ll never have to worry about outgrowing your storage again.

The Cloud Saves Money So You Can Invest in People

One of the main benefits you’ll experience from using cloud services is the money it ultimately saves you. You’ll be able to stop paying for hardware just to constantly backup your data, and collaborative online workspaces will cut down lost man hours

Cloud services also fortify your disaster recovery abilities and protect your data from loss or damage in the event of a disaster. Downtime is expensive, especially for smaller businesses, so being able to bounce back and restore operations using cloud technology will save money in the long run and give you some extra peace of mind. BYOD and work from home policies won’t just save money for you; your employees will notice savings as well when they can cut down on their time spent commuting.

Ultimately, the cloud improves your life and your business in numerous ways, saving time, money, and stress so that you can direct your funds and energy elsewhere. At 3Points, we invest in you so that you can invest in your people. In the end, IT solutions are all about making your life just a little bit better every day. If you’d like to start a conversation about how our team of IT professionals can start working for you, we’d love to hear from you.