What a Day in the life of a Fully Connected Small Business Looks Like

Ever want to take your office to go like your favorite latte macchiato? You can.

And you should, if you’re a small business. Because you and your people can get a whole lot more work done that way. Here’s the best part: You probably already have the technology. OneDrive for Business is a file storage and saving application that comes with the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 and E3 plans (the big difference: E3 gives you full access to Microsoft Office applications, including document editing).

With OneDrive for Business, you start off with 1 TB of cloud storage (equal to about 310,000 photos or 500 hours of movies) that syncs with your PC/Mac. Since files are stored in the cloud (and not just on your hard drive), you can share and access documents using any mobile device. Translation: Pull up a file you didn’t know you needed – while you are in a client meeting. Or download a PDF – while sitting across from your next big client. It’s like having your files with you all the time. For small business, using OneDrive for Business could be the difference between stalled projects and sinewy progress.

But what does this really look like? Instead of telling you, we would like to show you a day in the life of a fully connected small business. Meet Joe OnTheGo, a sales manager (fictitious but believable) working at a small business and why his terrible, I-can’t-believe-that-happened day turned out really great …

A Day in the Life of Joe OnTheGo

Joe OnTheGo turned his first dime when he was 11 years old, serving up lemonade from a wooden stand he nailed together himself and a frequent buyer card designed with a forest green crayon. He never looked back. Now he sells for a small business and spends the majority of his time out of the office. Like the lemons that brought him his first roll of quarters, Joe OnTheGo squeezes every drop of productivity out of 24 hours.

Until one day, he almost lost it all.

It was a typical Friday. Joe got in his car, drove to a busy job site, filled a white Styrofoam cup with black-as-night coffee and pulled out his iPad for the client meeting. Everything was on schedule. Suddenly, Joe’s boss pops up on his screen. Must be important. Joe excuses himself and via Skype for Business, starts a video call with his boss over a 4G connection – all from a mobile device. Turns out the company’s oldest client never got the spreadsheet Joe sent yesterday. NOT A PROBLEM.

Joe goes with the flow. After his first meeting, he uses OneDrive for Business to attach the Excel spreadsheet to an email and hops into his red Sedan. Outlook alerts him that a conference call is coming up right around Cermak and Pulaski. NOT A PROBLEM.

Joe uses the Skype for Business app to connect in through his car for hands-free driving.  Call done, deal made. Time for lunch. He checks his email as a drop of sour cream from a Greek gyros plops on his phone. He wipes it away and reads the email from the CMO who says he needs Joe to make a few edits to a Word file. NOT A PROBLEM.

Pushing aside the fries, Joe opens up his tablet (he likes the bigger screen), makes the changes and saves it to his OneDrive for Business folder. He posts it to Trello, the company’s project management app in the cloud, and copies the leadership team. NOT A PROBLEM.

Being the king of the road, he drives to his next appointment – but then realizes he has another Skype meeting to make. Joe uses the app on his phone to join the meeting – audio only. Meeting successful. Joe walks into the client meeting and shakes hands with the new CEO. She graduated from the same Big 10 school he did! Joe shows her mock designs of a floor plan for a new building using SharePoint. They make a few changes. She is super impressed he sends her the file before he leaves. NOT A PROBLEM.

Meeting done. He asks if he can leave his car in the parking lot while he meets his wife for cocktails (Joe likes to save on parking). The CEO says: Anything for a fellow Hawkeye. Then Joe hails a yellow cab and races to the big city. He sees his wife standing on the sidewalk wearing a red dress, the kind she wore on their first date a decade ago. He exits the car in a rush. As the couple walks down Lake Shore Drive, he reaches for his phone in his pocket. Then his jacket. Then his other pocket. Then he realizes he left his phone in the cab. NOT A PROBLEM.

With Office 365, Joe has two options: lock the device or wipe it clean. One thing for sure, though, is that Joe is not left vulnerable or powerless (although his heart did sink for one little microsecond). After martinis and a plate of calamari, Joe and his wife catch a cab back to his car and go home. Joe calls the cab company and they laugh. He resigns himself to the fact he is not getting his phone back so he remotely wipes the phone clean of all data.

Since all the data is replicated with Office 365, he has lost nothing. He just downloads his applications and files and picks up where he left off on his new phone. On Monday. Because Joe OnTheGo is parked for the weekend. No technology needed.