Why the Apple Watch Really is the Next Big Thing

Only Apple can still make me feel like a kid on Christmas Eve. It was April 10 of this year when all through the house there arose such a clatter. Actually, after staring at the ceiling for what seemed like hours on end, the clatter was the loud buzzing of my alarm jarring me awake at 1:55 a.m. I had six minutes to get my wits about me and shop.

At 2:01 a.m. I placed my order for the Apple Watch (this is the techno giant’s first product sold exclusively online) and paid with a thumbprint through Apple Pay. As a self-proclaimed geekologist and 3Points’ Director of Operations, it is important for me to be an early adopter of cool gadgets. The Apple Watch is all that and more. In fact, I decided to go for seconds, placing another order shortly after the first. By the time Apple received my additional mobile payment, the ship date was already pushed out four weeks. That gives you an idea of how many people around the globe raced to buy an Apple Watch the moment it debuted.

After strapping this sleek conversation piece on my wrist for the last couple weeks, here are seven reasons the Apple Watch is the next big thing for all of us.

1.    Email and texts. My cell phone stays in my pocket. When I receive an email or text alert, I turn my wrist and quickly reply. It’s discreet and comes in handy when I’m in meetings. Nothing says “impolite” quite like whipping out a phone in a group of cohorts. When a text or email comes in, a light, quick vibration is felt on the wrist. The Apple Watch symbolizes an important trend: Technology is becoming more a part of us. It is moving to the rhythm of our day as opposed to being disruptive.

2.    Personal data trend and the fitness app. There’s a hunger out there for self-knowledge – from measuring how deeply you sleep to how many steps you take when you’re awake. The fitness tracking app on the Apple Watch may alone be worth the price. You personalize your goals, and the Watch not only monitors them but will also remind you to move around, exercise or stand. I’ve set different rings for each goal. The app also measures my heartbeat, pulse and other personal statistics.

3.    Battery life. I’m always charging my cell phone as the battery drains easily. Not so with the Apple Watch. No more being tethered to an outlet. The Apple Watch goes 18 hours, handling a variety of tasks throughout your day. The theory behind this, according to the company, is that you sleep at night so … just charge the Watch while you recharge (unless, of course, you are waiting to buy Apple’s latest product or if you have a newborn in the house). The Apple Watch charges to 80 percent in 1.5 hours.

4.    Group photos. The Apple Watch allows you to take group photos simply by tapping the screen in the camera app without having to set a timer or holding a phone. It’s so much more convenient on the wrist.

5.    Apple Pay. This is awesome. I don’t need a phone or an app. I double click a side button and hold the face of my watch to the contactless reader. Voila. A beep signals that the payment has been made. I store digital receipts in a file folder in the cloud.

6.    Customized watch face color. Come on, even a guy like me likes to look put together. If I’m wearing a purple shirt, I can change the Apple Watch face background to purple. I like that style bonus. Wrist straps also are interchangeable and super comfortable. I ordered the black sport band originally. A white one is on order now (for summer, of course).

For all of us, the Apple Watch has the ability to improve our work/life balance.  It’s more convenient than using a phone, from sports and news alerts, to Google Hangouts, to sending emojis or heartbeats. And it looks awesome and can be a real conversation starter, too.

Now, I did say there were seven compelling reasons that the Apple Watch earns the-next-big-thing status. On that note, I have to go. I just received an invitation alert to play Trivia Crack. Wearable, on-the-go gaming. You guessed it … that’s number seven.

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Mike Magnesen is the Director of Operations at 3Points, LLC (www.3points.com), a full service technology provider for Chicago small businesses with 10 to 50 computers. He invites readers to contact him at (708) 491-0300 to chat about the EOS Process.