Windows 10 is FREE from Microsoft

Nope, that’s not a typo. Microsoft Windows 10 will be offered free to those already running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Phon
e 8.1 (no one really knows what happened to version 9!). As for Windows 10’s availability, the 3Points Tech Team received an anonymous tip that puts the release date at right around August 2015.

Windows 10 boasts the best traits of its two older siblings. It has the traditional start menu on the left hand side found in Windows 7 and live tiles on the right for greater functionality thanks to Windows 8.1. All in all, Windows 10 is a nice fusion between mobile and desktop technologies.

I like the Multiple Desktop feature where you can compartmentalize tasks in individual workspaces—all running at the same time on your screen. Cool! You simply Add a Desktop using the Task View button at the bottom. So, I can write this column in a Word document with my email open in its little pane and my activities for the day in another square (just to keep me on schedule).

Taking its lead from Apple’s Siri, Cortana is your personal assistant in Windows 10 (Halo fans will recognize Jen Taylor’s voice and character name). For those who like to talk instead of type, Windows 10 has some neat voice activation options, too.

According to CNET, about 51% of desktop PC users have Windows 7 with 13% employing Windows 8 and 8.1. If you’re in these groups and are considering a new PC or operating system, you might as well wait for Windows 10. Personally, I love anything that’s free and Windows 10 is feature-loaded to boot. Plus, mainstream support ended for Windows 7 in mid-January, which means users now have to pay for support. (Developers do this so people gravitate toward the latest version on the market.)

Right now, Frank from the 3Points Tech Team is running a technical preview (a couple versions of the beta stages) of Windows 10. We’ll keep you posted on future findings.

Also, big news on the end-of-life for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (not the desktop, just the operating system) … updates and support will cease July 14, 2015. XP users experienced this last year. Cybercriminals are waiting to launch virus and malware attacks when Windows Server 2003 users are most vulnerable. Please call us soon (we’re already booking into May) to replace your Windows Server 2003 operating system so your network is fully protected.

Ryan Hertz is a member of  3Points Tech Team, a group dedicated to research and development of new technology for small business.
Connect with him at: or 708.546.4945.