Working Remotely in the Cloud

Regarding working remotely, companies still seem uncertain as to whether it actually improves overall employee productivity. The latest research on how a mobile workforce impacts productivity has shown employee mobility leads to a 23% productivity increase, on average, and processes have improved by 30%. Additionally, companies that have adopted mobility as a part of their company culture have seen an increase in workplace happiness.

The cloud and working remotely are not passing fads; research shows both trends are here to stay. The modern workforce is more productive when granted more flexibility and freedom. Studies repeatedly show organizations with a modern approach benefit greatly.  

Organizations that recognized this shift in the workplace began adopting the cloud and strategies that shifted towards working remotely years ago. Today, more than 90% of companies are integrating at least one cloud service or application.  

Cloud services help a company, regardless of size, become more efficient, more agile, and more cost effective and should no longer be ignored.

Improve Business Operations and Productivity

Adopting cloud services and fully integrating those services into your business operations can be a major boon to employee productivity, operational efficiency, the ability to instantly scale operations as large or as small as needed at any given moment. Together, these benefits lead to increased profitability.

Increased Productivity

Even the smallest increase in productivity can pay great dividends for businesses, regardless of size. For companies which have already invested in cloud solutions, with a focus on collaboration tools and applications, has seen productivity increase by as much as 400%. This is a direct result of cloud solutions making it incredibly easy for employees to collaborate. People can literally work from their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other internet capable devices these days.

Increased Efficiency of Business Processes

According to the VMware State of Business Mobility Report, businesses that embraced mobility have experienced the greatest impact in regards to efficiency of business processes. The report revealed that companies were able to bring new revenue streams online 35% more quickly than companies with a singular focus in the cloud, versus a more comprehensive strategy that involved both worker productivity and business operations.

Greater Employee Availability

Companies that have adopted the cloud and a mobile workforce strategy increase employee availability. Long workdays in the office are a relic of the past and cause employee burnout. Smart organizations that change with the times understand that mobility empowers employees to get more done. It also helps them to be available at practically any hour of the day. This is particularly true of the next generation of employees. A 21st Century employee may occasionally be on social media at work. But they’ll also answer your urgent email at 1 a.m. on a Thursday.

Improved Employee Collaboration

Working remotely in the cloud allows employees to get work done at any time and any place. There are so many business productivity tools available in the cloud today. They range from video conferencing to instant messaging. Employees are able to collaborate and share information better than ever before. Just because someone works remotely from another city, or is simply unable to come into the office, doesn’t mean progress of the projects they are working on grinds to a halt – it’s quite the opposite.